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Fingerprinting and Biometrics-Why These Stand to be So Important

In any case and at any time that you will be making an application for permanent residency or to travel to the United States, you will often have to pay a fee get fingerprinted by the immigration officials. This fee will always allow you an appointment at a certain set location for you to get in for the process of the collection of your biometrics. By and large, many who have no criminal records will always wonder the reason why fingerprinting is so important for the immigration and travel visas. In this post, we have taken a deliberate effort to get a review of some of the reasons why fingerprinting happens to be so important for not only the security of the United States but as well for your own personal security as one seeking a travel visa to this state or one on an application for permanent residency.

First and foremost, one of the reasons why fingerprinting happens to be so important is the need to assure national security. As a matter of fact, the United States government ever strives to ensure top most security for its citizens. In as much as you may not see yourself as a threat to the security of the nationals, there is always that live chance that somewhere sometime a terrorist will be attempting to gain entry into the United States. This is precisely the reason as to why it is important for the authorities to have fingerprinted all applicants for residency in the United States, temporary or permanent such as students, workers and those applying for living permanently, so as to have a working database of all such kinds of people who will be spending their time in the United States. Added to this is the fact that fingerprinting as well helps eliminate or reduce the chance of someone getting into the country using some form of fraud such as using fraudulent visa acquisition.

Fingerprinting is as well important looking at your own personal safety. Fingerprinting helps protect your personal safety from those elements of crime who may attempt to steal your passport, visa or green card or use your identity to commit a felony. This is for the fact that they will be caught thanks to the fact that their fingerprints will not match yours when they produce the green card number. It is a fact that this has proved to be so effective that many parents are considering having their kids below age 14, who by law cannot be fingerprinted by the immigration department, fingerprinted privately just so as to protect their identities.

Looking at the mandatory nature of the screening processes for the application for immigration, fingerprinting happens to be all the more important.

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